John, can you tell our readers about Worldwide Development Corporation (WDC)?

The Worldwide Development Corporation (WDC) was recently formed after 12 years of pain staking relentless effort, disappointments, self funding, failures, successes, etc. developing an energy invention that can change the world. WDC has put together a World Class project to introduce and implement a new energy invention that has the capability to power the planet 15,000 times over without consuming resources for a fraction of the cost of any energy generated today theoretically forever. It is the crown jewel of energy generation and the missing piece to the sustainability of the human race.

The project includes all the Engineering, 3D drawings and Prototype that is very professionally done. The quality and thoroughness of engineering completed on this project is second to none. The validation process for the power projections for the new energy invention will be an elementary exercise for any engineer. All math calculations are easily understood and have sound engineering disciplines behind them.

Can you describe the benefits of your energy invention?

This is the only technology that exists today that has the capability of powering our planet theoretically forever. The new technology needs to be sustainable which means it cannot consume feed stocks, be able to be distributed anywhere, cannot be intermittent, etc. This is the first time in history where the new energy invention technology is significantly cheaper than fossil fuels. Nuclear is the only other technology that has the capability to power our planet but it comes with a horrific cost to society.

How this new energy could contribute to preserve the planet?

Water is the lifeblood to any society. The new energy invention is not only capable of solving all our future energy needs theoretically forever. We also believe it’s the only way to solve our fresh water needs going forward. The reason why we don’t do a lot of desalination of ocean water today is its very energy expensive. Because of unlimited cheap energy through this new energy invention it will now be possible to turn our world into a water oasis.

Can you tell us a bit more about your career trajectory?

At 50 I already had been a veteran, graduated from college and spent 25 years working at a major international oil company for 25 years where I retired. I then turned my attention to researching alternative sustainable energy based on river flow the most powerful dense 24/7 energy source that could be captured on the planet. My future career is to setup a business structure that can introduce and implement the new energy technology that will not only serve as the basis for a sustainable planet but one that distributes the benefits that is fair and just for everyone on the planet.

Currently, how does climate change affect global economic stability and growth?

Climate change is a serious problem facing mankind but probably could be managed over time if it was the only threat facing mankind. The real threat to mankind’s survivability is over consumption of resources especially fossil fuels which are a limited resource.   What is the consequence of important oil consumption worldwide and how your invention could impact positively our environment in the long term? Oil is the second most important resource on the planet besides water due to its ability to produce products like plastics, etc. that even makes a modern society possible. Without a modern society it would be impossible to maintain billions of people. If mankind wants to survive long term it must either be able to replace petro-chemicals or preserve as much of the oil as possible for future generations. This is not about cheap but the actual survival of the human race. 

Can you explain the distribution capabilities of your new energy?

The new energy invention can operate from a small river that can be located anywhere which will also be powered by the invention that generates the energy. This is possible due to solving the eb factor in river flow and the large amount of leverage applied from the torque generated by the new energy invention. The eb factor is the backwash that surrounds an object which reduces the kinetic energy dramatically that can be obtained.

What are your daily challenges as Founder, CEO and President of WDC?

All the technical challenges of the new energy invention have been completed. We believe the new energy invention is not only ready for prime time, it operates as efficient as humanly possible for this type of energy generation. My largest challenge today is how I obtain extremely large entities (partners) that will not only protect the new energy invention patents once submitted around the world but do it for the welfare of the people without corruption or greed getting in the way. I have never asked anybody for a penny the 11 years of research and still am not today. But to gather the right partners without showing the new energy invention maybe insurmountable even though I am still not asking for money until the new energy invention power projections have been validated.  

How do you raise awareness about the urgency to have sustainable energy for generations to come?

This should be answered easily if scientist and engineers spoke the truth about the current energy technology short comings without prejudice or self interest.

What is your vision for 5 years to come?

The entire world would be in the middle of implementing this new energy invention and creating a sustainable energy source that will serve as a basis for a sustainable planet. Why entrepreneurship is important to you? I believe in capitalism but our world has turned it into crony capitalism through labor exploitation, tax evasion, corruption, greed, etc. where it is unrecognizable today. We need to reclaim the true original idea of capitalism where everybody benefits from joining our labor and resources together and the result is the whole is larger than the pieces.

John, what advice would you give to someone who wants to become an entrepreneur?

If you truly have a dream and are willing to sacrifice then get yourself into a position financially where you can chase that dream. Just remember anything is possible if you truly have passion for what you’re doing.

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Interviewer: Laurence Zimmermann

Interviewee: John Rosebush

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Interview With John Rosebush, Founder, Ceo, And President Of The Worldwide Development Corporation